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It Works! offers the world’s first naturally based body contouring line that delivers
maximum results in minimal time. You simply won’t find anything like it in the world today.

If you want to look your best but are struggling with finding the time to hit the gym or focus on a diet,
contact Natalie at “It Works” and discover how you can look and feel your best on your special day,
without stressing yourself out.

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  • Contact : Natalie Simpson

    Address : PO Box 272, LITTLEHAMPTON S.A. 5250

    Phone no. : 0408 185 981

    Website : Click here to visit our website

    Facebook : Click here to LIKE us on Facebook

    Services offered : A unique body slimming wrap that will shed inches before your eyes.

    Territory serviced : Adelaide and surrounding areas

    Trading hours : By appointment

  • The Science of The Ultimate Body Applicator

    Many people are a bit skeptical and we understand how it seems too good to be true. These people need to know the “science” behind The Ultimate Applicator and want to know just how it works.
    Here is what we tell them… (Remember, the ingredients in the wrap are naturally-based, plant extracts and botanicals, very healthy “food” for your skin and deeper tissues.)

    1. The ingredients promote Lipolysis. This literally means “fat-breaking”. The plant extracts and botanicals get into the fat cell and chop up the large fat molecules into little ones which are now allowed to leave the cell. They then get burned up as energy somewhere else in the body (one reason why we want them to be well hydrated, to help circulate the little fat molecules that we’ve released). I think this is HUGE for people to hear, we literally are talking FAT LOSS here!

    2. The ingredients also release toxins from the fat cell. A major function of fat cells is to store toxins, so if we can release toxins, then we again get a shrinking of the fat cell.

    3. The ingredients improve the microcirculation of the area applied. This is what creates some of that tightening, firming and toning mentioned earlier. Fat tissue requires a great deal of blood vessels and such; if we can improve the microcirculation then we can improve the overall health of the area.

    4. They have an anti-inflammatory effect. Fat tissue is terribly inflamed because of all the toxins and such. Again, we get tightening, firming and toning because we’ve increased the overall health of the area applied.
    Basically, the ingredients in The Ultimate Applicator promote Lipolysis, they detoxify the cell, they improve microcirculation, and they reduce inflammation.

    For more information, to book an “It Works” Wraps of Adelaide in home demonstration or to simply place an order email Natalie via her “Email us” tab to the right.

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