Zumba Fitness with Sharlene

Zumba FitnessThe Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party. Feel the music and let loose!

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  • Hi, my name is Sharlene Ponzo and I’m thrilled to be sharing my Zumba® experience with you!

    Dancing has been my life since I was three years of age. I began teaching at 14 and throughout the years I have trained students of all ages and abilities from Tiny Tots to Adults. I also dance professionally with my personal business ‘Savvy Dance and Promotions’ performing at corporate shows and events throughout Australia.

    I love Zumba® Fitness Classes because they incorporate my passion for dance, keep my mind and body fit and healthy – and every class feels like a party! There is no need for you to have any previous dance or fitness experience – just move your body and follow my lead. Honestly, Zumba® Fitness classes provide an amazing cardio workout whilst toning every part of your body AND you are guaranteed to have a blast!!
    If it is time for you to feel good about yourself, get that Zumba® body, feel fresh and invigorated, and have a positive outlook on life (especially before the BIG DAY!!) – then get your bridesmaids together and come along to one of my Zumba® Fitness Classes!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

    Sharlene Ponzo

  • Contact : Sharlene Ponzo

    Mobile no. : 0414 981 603

    Website : Click here to visit Sharlene’s Zumba website

    Facebook : Click here to visit Zumba with Sharlene on Facebook

    Services offered : Zumba Fitness & Zumba Toning Classes

    Qualifications : Zumba® Fitness B1 and B2, Zumba® Toning, ZumbAtomic®

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  • Monday 7.30pm – 8.30pm – ZUMBA FITNESS with Sharlene
    Beenleigh Events Centre, Crete St, BEENLEIGH

    Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm – ZUMBA FITNESS with Sharlene
    Kimberley Park State School, Floret St, SHAILER PARK

    Wednesday 6.30pm -7.30pm – ZUMBA FITNESS with Sharlene

    Livingstone Christian College, 62 Reedmans Rd, ORMEAU

    Thursday 6.00pm – 7.00pm – ZUMBA FITNESS with Sharlene

    Beenleigh State School, Kent St, BEENLEIGH

    Thursday 7.30pm -8.30pm – ZUMBA TONING with Sharlene
    Beenleigh State School, Kent St, BEENLEIGH


    $10 per class
    $80 for 10 class pass (valid for 4 months from date of purchase)

    Budget Savvy Offer
    Mention Budget Savvy Bride and receive a 10 class Zumba Fitness pass for $50.00


    $12 per class (+ $3 if Toning Sticks Hire is required)
    $100 for 10 class pass (+ $3 per class is Toning Sticks Hire is required. Valid for 4 months from date of purchase)
    $35 set of Toning Sticks

    Budget Savvy Offer
    Mention Budget Savvy Bride and receive a 10 class Zumba Toning pass for $80.00

  • I’ve had the pleasure of Zumba-ing with you Sharlene since day 1 – the very first Zumba introductory class! And I have to say, they have gotten better and better! I’ve lost over 10kg since I’ve started! I moved away from the Southside recently and have tried other Zumba classes on the Northside, but nothing compares to your classes Sharlene! You make it worth the 30 drive! The vibe in the room is amazing and every class rocks! Cannot wait to get stuck in this year and shimmy with my toning sticks! Bring it 🙂
    Lauren Calderwood

    In the past I have never stuck to any exercise for more than two months but since starting Zumba with you Sharlene I havent had so much fun and enjoyment when it comes to exercise and I have been going to classes since mid June 2010 which is a record for me. I love that it isn’t the same songs each week and that it changes constantly. You have given me motivation that I have never had before, I have even started going to the gym. I have even gone down a dress size which is great. Thank you Sharlene!!!
    Cindy Izard